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Wit Travel reviews top places to visit in San Francisco for members that want to have a great time in California. The summertime is often when people, especially families with school-aged children, escape the confines of their hometown and set out on a new adventure. With so many travel destinations, selecting the right one for you and your family can take time.

This summer, Wit Travel reviews the top places to visit in San Francisco, which is located in the northern part of California. San Francisco is ideal for any traveler, with consistently mild temperatures and many interesting cultural activities and sites to visit.

Wit Travel Reviews Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

One of the greatest and most feared prisons of all time is located right in the city of San Francisco. Alcatraz used to be a maximum-security prison, hosting only the most dangerous and insane criminals back in the 1800s. However, now it is an excellent place for tourists to spend several hours walking the isolated island, learning more about history, and admiring its terrific water and city views.

Wit Travel Reviews Top Places to Visit in San Francisco (3)

Many Wit Travel reviews share that visitors can take a quick boat ride to the island, where they have ample time to explore the prison and its grounds, which are usually covered in bright and vivid flowers in the spring and summer months.

Those who choose to can take a guided audio tour through the jail, where they will learn much about what happened there when it was a functioning prison.

Wit Travel Reviews Reviews The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is an icon for San Francisco and is frequently featured in movies and television shows. Guests must check out this infamous bridge up close and personal when visiting the Bay area. Many Wit Travel reviews suggest checking out this historic landmark and taking a picture in front of its massive structure to share with all your family and friends.

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The area near the bridge has plenty of parks and gardens to enjoy, including the Japanese Garden and the Presidio. Both are excellent spots for photo opportunities or great places to relax, enjoy the scenery, or have a picnic.

Wit Travel Reviews Downtown San Francisco

According to many Wit Travel reviews, any trip to San Francisco would only be completed by taking a trip on a cable car. Many distinct neighborhoods exist throughout the city, from Union Square to Nob Hill to Chinatown and the Wharf. And each one has a distinctive look and feel about it.

Wit Travel Reviews Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

Many Wit Travel reviews reveal that most neighborhoods have a diverse selection of great restaurants and shopping opportunities that suit every budget.

From costly, world-class options to budget-friendly local diners and souvenir shops, even the most budget-minded traveler can find something to love about San Francisco.

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